Review by Nick DeRiso  (
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)

·    The Tom Fuller Band doesn’t hide its influences.  In fact, they strut around in them, like bell-bottomed 1970s throwbacks.  That starts with “Lovers,” a song with this fuzzy Badfinger-ish muscularity.  Fuller’s voice, an insistent whine then a gruff snarl, is Lennon-like in its nimble directness.
·    Later, he ramps up for the aptly titled “Anthem Man,” which starts with a gritty guitar signature and then builds like an ELO song into swirling, psychedelic crescendo.
·    “Doin’ Nothin’” rumbles along with a smeared guitar and a crunchy rhythm, sounding a bit like late-period R.E.M., before settling into a slacker chorus straight out of Todd Rundgren.  “I’m really good at doin’ nothing,” Fuller sings with a wink, as a crowd of revelers begins raising a rabble all around him. “It’s good to be good at something!”
·    The highpoint for Fuller’s Ask arrives with “Merci Beaucoup,” a track that feels the least like an amalgam.  You hear the Chicago-based Fuller’s influences, for sure, but they are blended more completely with his own sound.
·    “Morphine Maureen” then comes galloping out, with a taunt early David Bowie-type riff – and serves as a sweeping reminder of how much fun this record has been, no matter its obvious lineage.
·    Fuller delivers with “Garden Dreaming Days,” which pulls in every influence from before, plus Elton John, the Who and Queen.  It’s a three-minute blast of pop grandiosity, and the perfect ending.

Review by Matthew Warnock  (Guitar International Magazine, Editor in Chief)
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)

·    Fuller’s writing style is a mix of modern indie rock, with a soft side that brings to mind the Rolling Stones and Beatles’ acoustic tracks.
·    There are also classic rock inspired tracks, the best of which is the heavily layered, in a good way, “Garden Dreaming Days.”  With his gravelly vocals floating over a solo piano during the verse, the band kicks into high gear with a powerful mix of drums, bass, guitar and organ after the quiet introduction has passed.  This track also features a nice lead line by Fuller, in a typical subdued yet energetic format that lets the listener know he has lead chops without going overboard and losing their attention along the way.
·    With a ton of new bands hitting the airwaves and internet marketplaces every year, it can be hard for fans of indie rock to wade through the sea of names and find someone that really appeals to them and grabs a hold of their interest for longer than a few minutes.  Tom Fuller is just such a musician.
·    Though he may not be a huge name, yet, his latest record has all of the ingredients to propel his trio to the top of the indie rock scene.
·    Keep an eye out for Fuller’s name on the marquee of your local club or theater, then check him out, he won’t disappoint.

Review by: Alexa Spieler (freelance writer)Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

·    Imagine your perfect summer day soundtrack and you’d have Ask by the Tom Fuller Band.
·    Ask is emotional, powerful and engaging.  Throughout the entire duration of the album the listeners embark on a journey right alongside the Tom Fuller Band.
·    There’s an honesty and passion recognizable throughout Ask. Ask is a solid soulful and creative masterpiece and everything about the Tom Fuller Band is innovative and original.
·    The catchiest song on the album has to be “Lovers.” The melodies are infectious and the chorus will continue to echo in your ears for days. One of the most captivating aspects of “Lovers” is the guitar solo. Using the wah-wah pedal to its best ability, the guitar solo is simply eclectic.
·    “Best of Me” is a simply beautiful masterpiece. Fuller’s vocals are raw, in the best way possible.
·    What makes Ask stand out from all of the albums out there is its variety, with a capability to not only please classic rock fans, but to get radio play as well. Anyone could identify with the lyrics and anyone could jam along to the tracks.
·    Some tracks will make you tear up a little bit and some will keep your head nodding. Either way, Ask is a memorable, captivating album.

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