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    • Happy April 20th!!

      Happy April 20th!!  I hope everyone has a very special and groovy day.  🙂  
      From the bottom of my heart, I want to also thank all my fans out there for your amazing support and heartfelt prayers as I continue to recover from my accident.  The social media posts and other outreach has simply been overwhelming.  And while I still have a ways to go, please know that your well-wishes and positive messages have helped me get better quicker.
      I am resting and healing and following the doctors orders.  But I can’t wait to get back in action and rock out for you all when it’s time.  I’ll certainly keep you updated on my progress and future gigs.  
      Thank you again, so very much!!  I greatly appreciate your support.  Peace.  God bless.


    • News from Tom

      Hi Rockers -
      You haven’t heard from me for awhile, and there is a very good reason for that.  I had a very bad accident while moving some music equipment around.  I fell extremely hard and really hurt myself badly.  
      The good news is I am on the mend.  Slowly, but surely.  The doctors have ordered me to not play music for an extended period, time frame to be determined, but it will be awhile.  So we won’t be playing any gigs in the near future.
      Thank you for your understanding and your concern.  I greatly appreciate it.  And I will certainly keep you updated on my progress and when I can play gigs again.  Thanks again for being such amazing fans!  I’ll be rockin’ for you as soon as I possible can.  
      God Bless.
      Tom Fuller  


    • Happy New Year!

      Hey rockers out there!

      Greetings from Brazil!  I flew back here to see John of God again.  I feel likes it’s turning into an annual pilgrimage where I do a spiritual retreat with new awakenings. I almost brought a 6 string guitar, but I didn’t since it would interfere with my focused mission.  

      However, I did bring a copy of my new upcoming album “Waterfall.”  It’s been arranged to have a listening party on Saturday here in Brazil.  I absolutely love watching smiles and feet tapping. “Waterfall” hopefully will be released later this year.  It’s worth the wait and doing it right out of the box the first time.

      I’m hoping everyone had a great holiday and New Year Eve’s, and that 2018 brings dreams coming true.  I spent my wonderful holiday with my daughter Molly who also had a birthday.  Super fun times!!

      Please keep going to iHeartRadio online. They love playing TFB.  Sending lots of high fives and hopes that 2018 is magical for each and everyone of you.  Peace.  



    • Big update!

      Hi Rockers,
      I’m still in shock about Tom Petty. Great music, great guy, great legend. He was loved, admired, and a leader. It’s very sad when we have legends pass. God Bless.

      The second half of this year has been weird. What I thought would happen has evolved into a few different directions. It’s all good, just takes time. In the meantime, I have been starting another project, and next week guitarist John Lewis and I are going to do a duet and have it filmed for all of you out there. I wish I could share more about it now, but I want it to be a surprise of sorts. Most of you have not heard yet what we will play. Stay tuned, as it will be up sometime this month.

      I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! When we stop and think about it, we all have a list to be grateful for. Today, I’m grateful to all of you fans and followers out there. Thank you very much for your support.

      On December 22nd, we’ll be rockin’ at EvenFlow Music & Spirits in Geneva, IL. We do a holiday show there every year and always have the best time! Come out and join up. We’ll be playing new songs as well as all your favorites! 


      Stay tuned in! Currently I am really into iHeartRadio. Type in Tom Fuller Band and you’ll get tunes to listen to for free. It’s a cool format.
      God Bless,


    • Happy Halloween!

      Happy Halloween Rockers!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Greetings everyone,

      Summer just flew by!!!!!!!! Fall came, and then felt like summer. Today feels like winter!!!!!! The last few months have been up and down with challenges, smiles, laughs, and sadness. The human thing.

      A few weeks ago, I had to put down my dog Lilah. She was my best friend for a long time and I miss her terribly. If you’re a dog or pet person, you know what it feels like. God Bless Lilah. A great yellow lab. We rescued each other.

      Losing Tom Petty was just sad. It felt like the Vegas tragedy over shadowed losing a legend. God Bless Tom Petty. His music influenced me too, just like countless other rockers.

      Have a big show this Thursday, November 2, here in Chicagoland.  Hope to see many friendly smiles. FitzGerald’s in Berwyn, IL. We’re opening with The Nadas a band from Des Moines we’ve played with before. Great guys.

      I Heart Radio loves Tom Fuller Band. Type in the name and songs will appear to be heard. Love I Heart Radio.

      2017 has been an extremely fast year, hasn’t it?

      Cheers!!!!!  Rock on!!!!



    • Lots of News!!

      Greetings everyone! Hoping all you Rockers out there are getting ready to party this Memorial Day Weekend! I’m heading to Florida. I’ve had too many holidays having rain and in the 40’s!!! Brrrrr. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. They work so very very hard.

      Thank you to Taylor Guitars! I’ve been added to their list of official recognized artists that use Taylor Guitars. I own about 6 of these amazing guitars.  The most recent is a T5Z semi hollow body. I love it. Like any new instrument, it takes time to bond with and get to know how to use it exactly the way I want it to sound. Taylor is quality….period.

      The forthcoming album, Waterfall, is coming along. We’re taking our time to do it right. That includes not only the music and my voice, but all the artwork, photos, and lyrics. It will be coming out later this year. It is my finest work to date. We’re doing several new songs live now, more get added each month.

      I’ve already started writing more new tunes. In my office I keep 2 or 3 guitars and a piano, plus my computer. I lock myself away, and try to make magic. That’s how it works.

      We’ve been getting asked to do a lot of trips and shows. In fact, it’s kind of crazy at the moment. Trying to get everyone’s schedules coordinated is easier said than done. But like always, we’ll step up, big time!

      On June 2nd, we’ll be performing at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL with Mr. Big. We love playing at the Arcada and this will be the fifth time we’ve rocked their stage. It’s such an awesome venue and we always have a great time! June 10th, we’ll be in Des Moines, Iowa, opening for The Nadas. The show is taking place at Simon Estes Amphitheatre and is on the banks of the Des Moines River. That should be a an awesome night!


      We’re doing a bunch of shows with Ted Nugent. Super grateful to perform with such a legend. It’s an honor we gladly take. The first date is at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on July 19th. This is a dream come true. The Ryman is one of the most well known venues in the whole world and we can’t wait. So many legends have performed there. We’re playing at another legendary venue on our mini tour with Ted, the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA on August 3rd. It’s where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper played their final show before the “Day the Music Died.”  Other gigs include Merriville, IN on July 20th, two more shows at the Arcada in St. Charles on July 30th and 31st, and then on August 5th, we’ll be in Minneapolis. Hoping I see some friendly smiles and get hugs after the shows. It’s such a feel good.

      OK, that’s it for now folks.  Thanks for all your support!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  All the best to the fans in the military and to the family of military, past and present.  I salute you all.  

      God Bless,



    • Exciting news!

      Hi Rockers!

      Huge highlight for me personally this month is getting recognized by Taylor Guitars. I’m now listed on their Artist Relations page. I’ve been playing Taylor for years, and they’ve been my stage guitars for a long, long time. But recently, things came together and I now have a Taylor T5z, which is a hollow body electric, but with acoustic guitar switches. This switching capability makes my life easier as I will potentially use one less guitar during our great concerts. The new T5z is AWESOME! The T5z is also made out of Koa wood, which is so cool! Many thanks to Taylor Guitars!

      Getting the new album ready for distribution is going be just as much work as what went into making the music. Frankly, it’s a bit overwhelming, but the timing is good in that all of us have other stuff going on, so the downtime is used to make progress in other areas. The main thing is to always keep moving forward! Keep on ROCKIN’!

      The House of Blues Chicago show was awesome! I can’t really put my finger on it, but magic was in the air. It is so much fun going into a crowd and meeting new people. That particular night was amazing. We met so many cool people and made many new fans! It was a really fun night. The HOB is always a great place to perform and many thanks to them for having us. 


      I know this is short, but it’s Friday and I want to start rocking the weekend!!!!! More good news soon!!!


    • Big Update!

      Big, big show at the House of Blues Chicago on Friday!! So looking forward to seeing many of you out there rockin’ with us. Planning on doing 4 or 5 new tunes too from the new album project. I can finally announce the name. It’s really hard to name an album sometimes. So many to choose from. I meditated over it and the message was clear: WATERFALL. The title song is about transformation of me. All the songs are a part of that transformation. Past, present, future. I love it!!!!!!! Hoping to see many of you Friday. The band is pretty pumped too.

      My Brazil trip was thoroughly awesome. I fact, I will go back next year and do it again. Short term, I’ll be in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute to see John Of God again, in the Fall. Many of the new friends I made in Brazil, will be there too. Many thanks to all the people who helped me get there, guided me there, and became my friends. Love all of you. 

      One of the eerie highlights, was seeing for the first time a blue butterfly cruising by after coming over a waterfall!! I got immediate chills. Guess what? I will write a ballad about that butterfly. Confirmed in my heart, that Waterfall is the correct new album title. Beautiful, just beautiful. Can say the same about Brazil. My trip truly was the best thing I’ve ever done for Tom. I also witnessed firsthand, several miracles. Amazing.

      I’m going to try and write a blog once a month now. I think that way I’m more focused and ready. So this is my February blog and a late Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
      God Bless,


    • Happy New Year!

      Happy New Year Everyone! I’m really glad 2016 is over. Tough year for many, including me. Hello 2017!

      I’m on a flight back to Chicago from Muscle Shoals, AL via Nashville. Just completed the mixing of the new record at legendary FAME Studios with Don Srygley of Mojo Filter. Don’s an old friend of my creative team and gets my tunes…always. 

      Next up will be mastering at Abbey Road Studios in London. I always feel good going there, like I’ve arrived and belong. These 14 new tracks are my best work. The project will be called …? Stay tuned for the answer. It might change. 🙂 Maybe one of the reasons I love this project so much is that I wrote two songs for my daughter Molly Rose, who also just turned two. Wow.

      The new record will definitely be available on vinyl. A vinyl revolution is happening and all TFB music will be available on vinyl. I had to buy a turntable. I just love the sound of the needle when it touches the record. It’s an experience that resonates with many. It makes listening to a record an emotional journey. I think the sound is better as well.

      Still on an EvenFlow gig high. Fun night, great crowd, warm smiles. Thanks to all that came out on that cold night last month. Dave did a great job with sound and Jeff Berger got some cool pics. TFB has been a fluid band lately. We’ve had to deal with illness, travel, schedules etc. So if you see a pics of Ben Mason on bass or Anthony Rubino on guitar, they’re filling in and are great players. The show must go on!!!

      Hoping those that couldn’t make EvenFlow will show up at the House of Blues Chicago show on February 17th. This show will most definitely have many new tunes. We could do 53 minutes of new tunes. Come on out and party with us! I insist!!! HOB shows are worth it. I’ll be looking for you.

      This Sunday I am leaving for Brazil to see John Of God. This is a two-week spiritual journey I have wanted to do for many years. I feel very excited and fortunate to make this trip. Tommy needs a tune up 🙂 . The chance to go arrived and I pounced on it. I’m going to take with me my new baby Taylor guitar. Might get inspired and write another project!!! You never know.

      Anybody else glad the Holidays are over?

      God Bless,



    • Holiday and Album Update

      Happy Holidays!!!  Last week, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. Hate it, inhaler, steroids, antibiotic. I have a new respect for those with this illness. Hang in there. At least the fever stage is behind me. Have been really exhausted. However, to keep this real: I burn the candle at both ends, multi task on several levels at the same time, visiting Korea, Japan, UK twice to see my daughter, and numerous trips to Nashville to work on the new record. It caught up to me and now, I’m getting better. I sleep a lot which I guess is crucial too.

      I have to get better because we’re doing our annual Holiday show at EvenFlow Music & Spirits in Geneva, IL. I really hope many of you can make it. We’re going to try and have a couple of surprises too, namely a couple of new tunes. This fun time is happening on Thursday December 22nd at 8PM.  Perfect start to the Holiday Season. And I sincerely hope to see many old and new friends there!

      New Record: All the words have been written, all the notes played, and I sang all of my lead vocals. There are 14 new tunes in total. All are different and all hold their own. Now on to Pre-Mix. Pre-Mix is really important, because it sets the structure of how it should be mixed at the end. Phil Tennant from London is flying over next week for this crucial stage. Looking forward to seeing Phil. He always has great ideas. And as always, my great friend and producer Rick Chudacoff will be at the helm. 

      After the Pre-Mix, we go to full blown mixing, after the base is set. That mix is when you can hear every instrument and sound. Then after that, on to Abbey Road Studios in London to have it mastered. This project will also be available in vinyl too. Spread the word. Sometime in the spring it should be completed. It’s really an enormous job making a record. Proud to say, I think this is my finest creative hour. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

      Lots of people have told me that TFB has been on IHeartRadio. This is so great and makes me so happy! It’s such an awesome opportunity! Be sure to check it out!

      Miss all of you at this special time of year. I can’t think of a better way to end it, with a classic TFB rock party on the 22nd. Hope to see you there.

      God Bless,