Saturday Dec 24 2011

Christmas 2011

It has been a wonderful year for me and the band.  But, you know, the last couple of months have been a blur. Cool shows, travel, meeting new people, playing cool music. All of which keep the fires flaming, wanting to become a bonfire.

We made it to St. Louis to do a gig in Arnold , MO. Yeah, visited Missouri and witnessed the “Show Me” state firsthand. Did they show us or what? Thank you for everyone who came to the show. Missouri rocks!! Many thanks to Ron who set up the whole format and gave away cool T’s and other cool stuff I gave away too.  Fun, fun.

Then we did another show in Chicago. We recorded it at Reggie’s Rock Club on 24 tracks. Even though it was only a 12 tune show, we got some great moments. Rick Chudacoff is in the studio sorting through all of it. The stuff I heard had great energy and passion. A great magical moment. Thanks to everyone that was there. You all were great.

All of which led up to a wonderful year-end rock party at Schubas in Chicago. Fabulous night, great people, great fun!!!!!!!!! We rocked it. Check YouTube cause we videotaped it and will put a few tunes up. Just saw the Anthem Man video…………..very nice.

Thank you to Schubas; you guys were great and, of course, we would love to come back. Digital billboard advertising for the first time… we will do again. Many thanks to WXRT/Chicago for all the spins of Merci Beaucoup and Lovers. So many calls, texts and emails. We thought it was a fun tie-in too.

Thank you for everyone that came out to all the TFB gigs this year. We had such a blast. Love all you crazy dancers. We get so inspired by you guys. Wendy………… rock. Kimmy……… always rock. Diana………..hoping our paths cross again. Second City is a turn on for me because it’s such a classy organization.

New arsenal addition. I picked up a purple Gibson Les Paul Robot guitar. Yeah it’s called a robot guitar. What it does is by itself, adjust the tuning to whatever you want in open tunings. For someone like me who likes to write using open tuning, it’s a huge new palette of creativity. Excited.

We now have cool T’s. S,M,L,XL,XXL. Two different styles. Look for on website and also special packages of T’s and CD’s. I really like them and they showcase our new band logo. It’s hot.

Did a quick trip to London recently too. Hung out with Caroline, Phil, Dylan………everyone is geared for 2012 and am ready to venture into Germany at the first of the year. They love ASK……..we’re going to Germany!

It’s that time of year when I pause and reflect. It’s been a good year with a lot of new highs. Lots.:) 2012 hopefully will bring more wonderful opportunities to spread the magic of TFB music. So grateful to have Jordan Kozer, Ryan Veitch, John R Lewis and, of course, brother Joel Masters by my side.

Great guys make a great band.  And their musicianship helped make our latest CD “Ask” a very special album. I am very proud.

Merry Christmas to all the people out there who love music and especially all the TFB fans worldwide. Many thanks to all those people that give us their unconditional support and love. Many thanks to all my team members that work so hard.

Here’s to everyone having a wonderful Holiday and a healthy, prosperous and safe 2012.
God Bless,
Tom Fuller

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